We see a booming growth in the e-publishing software and tools. It is due to an increase in the tablet and mobile devices users. We will help you select the right e-publishing platform or tools for your business. Either on the web or mobile! Read below to know more about the best platforms.

Our guide to best digital publishing platforms for mobile and web for 2017 will help you choose the right platform for your work. Contact us and we will reduce your stress regarding it. And to solve out your deeper confusions we need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Below given are some platforms which were rated-high this year.

If you’re looking for a web app, there are great platforms like Readz and ZMags. Readz aids marketers and media companies create beautifully designed e-experiences with an easy-to-use platform. Just like ZMags it also doesn’t require any coding. It comes with pre-made modules and a wide variety of animations. On the other hand, ZMags digital publishing efforts are confined to the retail sector. It also offers E-Commerce platforms that allow brands to create smooth running shoppable content.

Now some popular platforms for mobile start from ISSUU being the most popular as it best list your product in terms of audience. Next is PRESS PAD, if you’re looking for a mess-free workflow. And want to turn your existing PDFs into the native iOS and Android apps, this is a great option. JOOMAG is the best overall e-publishing solution, with very few disadvantages. MAG+, PAPERLIT, MAGLOFT are the ones among the most dependable digital publishing platforms. They provide a professional touch and are in the budget! We offer all the platforms to you. Therefore, come to us, we’ll teach you and let you choose the best for you.